Course 'Coping with scars'

The course 'Coping with scars' uses techniques such as cognitive behaviour therapy, social skills training and mirror techniques ... learn more


Burn care nursing course

The three Dutch burns centres developed a specialised further training course for Burns Care Nurse, with the support of the Dutch Burns Foundation ... learn more


Safe barbecuing

To diminish the amount of burns victims according to barbecue incidents, Oscare implemented a 'safe barbecuing' campaign... learn more

bethesda 1

Burn prevention for children in Hungary

Facing with a very serious burn injured children, The Bethesda Hospital decided to do something to avoid, or prevent the accidents... learn more


Escape plan

To make people aware of how they can escape in case a fire breaks out, the Burns Foundation has developed the campaign "make an escape plan while you still can" ... learn more


Public education events ‘First aid for burns’

Using evocative illustrations, parents and child carers/teachers of children younger than 5 learn what they can do and what they should look out for to prevent burn wounds ... learn more


Community safety education model

The community-oriented educative approach of risk groups after an incident, improves the safety-related behaviour of the educated group ... learn more

Welcome to the Burns Network, an initiative of the Dutch Burns Foundation. This exchange community aims to:

This site presents copy-free documents and manuscripts of projects that have already been implemented successfully and are being used in different countries. Please feel free to use the information gathered on this site or to share your own best practices with us.

Only by sharing information can the prevention of burns, care and after-care for burn survivors be improved.



Experienced firefighters from Amsterdam educate the community by visiting schools and community centres and advice people about planning escape routes within their own homes in case of a fire. A new strategy in the Netherlands to reach target groups which could not be included before... learn more