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Make an escape plan while you still can

Each and every day, more than 20 domestic fires occur! To make people aware of how they can escape in case a fire breaks out, the Burns Foundation has developed the campaign "make an escape plan while you still can". The purpose of this campaign is to persuade people, especially those with children, of the importance of having an escape plan ready. What are the possible escape routes if fire breaks out? Which exit or exits can you use, and where do you keep the keys? Who looks after which child, and where will you regroup once all have hopefully made it safely outside?

It is important to rehearse the escape route. A simple exercise can make one realise how hard it may be to escape in case of fire. The campaign was launched in 2008, and the initial results indicate that people with children do develop greater risk awareness, and that potential dangers are not underestimated as much as before.

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To enhance the ability of families with children to respond effectively in case of fire. People often have (too) little risk awareness and tend to underestimate the dangers.

Target Group

General public and families with children in particular.

Intended result

Within two years of the campaign launch, the target group can escape effectively if a fire breaks out.

By Who

Dutch Burns Foundation

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Multi-media communication through banner ads, TV spots, advertisements/filler ads, free publicity, web information via and public education events. Additionally, through a structural coupling of the escape plan to the smoke alarm via the brochure.


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