h7iogu7 Safe barbecuing

Every year people end up in the emergency room with severe burns from careless and unsafe barbecuing practices. Not only do they ruin summer fun, they scar you for life.

bethesda 1 Burn prevention for children in Hungary

Faced with very serious burn injured children, The Bethesda Hospital decided to do something to avoid, or prevent the accidents. 

234 Escape plan

Each and every day, more than 20 domestic fires occur! To make people aware of how they can escape in case a fire breaks out, the Dutch Burns Foundation has developed the campaign "make an escape plan while you still can". The purpose of this campaign is to persuade people of the importance of having an escape plan ready.

_DSC0045 Public education events ‘First aid for burns’

In the Netherlands, around 1200 public education events are organised each year to learn parents and child carers of children younger than 5, what they can do to prevent burn wounds and to limit their consequences. 

Brand_434x326 Community safety education model

It appears that many people underestimate the risk of fire in their own home. To reduce the number of domestic fires and the number of injury victims due to fire, group presentations to selected target groups are given by members of the fire department.