Public education events ‘First aid for burns’


Public education events ‘First aid for burns’

In the Netherlands, around 1200 public education events are organised each year with experienced and trained consultants of the Dutch Burns Foundation. The presentations are given in toddler centres, child daycare centres, and at primary schools.

Using evocative illustrations, parents and child carers/teachers of children younger than 5 learn what they can do and what they should look out for to prevent burn wounds and to limit their consequences.

The presentation also discusses the treatment of and after-care for people and children with burns. In 2008, the Dutch Burns Foundation joined the Consumer Safety foundation in researching the effectiveness of these public education events. This study confirmed that the events have a clear impact. Parents become more aware of the risks to which their child is exposed and more often take measures to prevent burns. However, the sought-after final result has not yet been achieved.

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Primarily to prevent (serious) burns, and with respect to parents of young children, additionally to:

  • make them aware of risk situations regarding burn accidents and to learn to assess these risks properly
  • provide them with practical tips and tricks to prevent unsafe situations in their own domestic environment
  • instruct them in the first aid principles for burns so that they can respond adequately during and after a burns accident.

Target Group

Parents with children younger than 5 years.

Intended result

To influence the knowledge, attitude, intentions and behaviour with regard to the prevention of burns and first aid, such that the occurrence of burns among children aged 0-4 is reduced by at least 5%.



Inter-personal public education of 1.5 to 2 hours, centring on prevention and first aid. The presentation additionally offers information about the treatment of and after-care for people with burns. Public education events can be requested via the website or by phone. The applicant receives a confirmation letter with details of the consultant (educator) who will give the presentation. To ensure a presentation tailored to the circumstances, the consultant will contact the applicant to gather who the target audience is and what his/her wishes are with respect to the presentation.


PowerPoint presentation, folder and poster


Research into the effect of the group education for parents of children aged 0-4 years. Annual evaluation of the public education by the Dutch Burns Foundation.